Laura Borg, Coach & Instructor

Laura Borg is and inspirational and enthusiastic Yoga and Mindfulness instructor with more than six years’ experience. She is known for her friendly, warm, and welcoming style and is recognized among students for giving simple, clear, articulate directions.

Positive results expressed by students include feeling calmer, happier, less anxious and better able to respond rather than react in stressful situations. She works with children (ages 6-12), adolescents and adults.

Laura’s focus includes teaching adult and youth students to develop focus and concentration, stability and self-control, strength and flexibility of body and mind, stress management and personal responsibility to themselves and to their community. She believes in tailoring instructions to the needs of individual students and encouraging students to focus awareness inward on the breath and notice the way their body feels.

The mindfulness training curriculum is based on Growing Minds, MBSR, and several other techniques covering focus and attention, thoughts and emotions, kindness and compassion, social skills, and brain science.

The effectiveness of these approaches on adults and youth has resulted in better focus and concentration, calmer minds and bodies, increased empathy, decreased stress and anxiety, responsive rather than reactive behavior, calmer transitions, and more opportunity for better communication.

Laura Borg received her mindfulness training from Growing Minds, Inc.: Mindfulness curriculum training K-12 and Foundations of Mindful Living, Rooted in Mindfulness: MBSR 10 week course, and Learning To Breathe: Mindfulness Curriculum Training for Adolescents.

She received her yoga certification from Kanyakamari Ayurveda and Yoga Wellness Center: 240 hour program, Yoga ed.: Yoga Education for students K-8, and Global Family Yoga: focusing on Child Development from the Yoga Perspective, and Positive Action Language for Families, Teachers and Friends.

Insurance plans accepted:
Private Pay

Patients seen:
6 years old and up

Therapeutic Approaches: 
Mindfulness Training, Yoga

Areas of Specializations:
Anxiety, attention, thoughts and emotions, focus, social anxiety

Accepting New Patients:

To get in touch with Laura Borg, please call 262-496-2438 or email lauralundyborg@yahoo.com.