Make a convenient appointment

Call us at (262) 377-2006 to discuss how we can help or use our online contact form. Based on your needs, we will match you with a therapist that has expertise in the areas you require.

Your first appointment

Your therapist will conduct a clinical evaluation, including the reasons you contacted us for treatment and background information. This information forms the basis for your personalized treatment plan.

Many people prefer to take their time filling out initial paperwork, please utilize our forms to print and fill out at your convenience.

Future sessions

You will meet individually with your therapist for 45-50 minutes at each session. Patients in small-group therapy meet for 90-minute sessions once a week. You and your therapist mutually decide on treatment goals and treatment.

We schedule appointments that are convenient for you. Research shows that patients who keep their first four appointments are more successful in treatment. The level of importance you place on the therapy process increases the potential for the change you are seeking.


During your first appointment, your therapist will determine if a psychiatric evaluation would be beneficial.  Referrals will be provided to board certified psychiatrists in the area. Medication and therapy work together more effectively than medication alone.                    Your therapist and psychiatrist work as a team to optimize treatment.

Paying for Services

Becker Gibeau Psychological Services is an in-network provider with most major insurance companies. We accept Medicare, Medicaid, and their associated HMO networks. Please contact your insurance company to confirm that you have coverage for our clinic and the therapist you will be seeing. We file insurance claims for you.

We ask that you make co-pays and deductibles at the time of each appointment. You are expected to pay any amounts approved, but not paid, by insurance. If you do not have insurance, you may be eligible for reduced fees, based on your income level. Some services are not covered by insurance; patients should check with their insurance company prior to the appointment.